May 2015
Bubszi Lini
I did not expect the biggest rescue to happen in the last 6 years just one day after Mother's Day!

It all started with a phone call from a realtor who asked us to rescue a mother hen with her babies on a foreclosed property (from where the owners moved out and left this mother hen with the babies behind without a shelter - no food, no water, nothing.) We took 2 separate cars, I was hoping that this would be resolved quickly so that my husband could take home the new family and I could be in time for my appointments (work). When we arrived, the property was in very bad shape, trash and dirt everywhere. We searched endlessly, finally we found them, but they scattered in every direction possible. It was intense work to catch all 9 babies and the mother! After 4 hours we succeeded... This involved chasing them across the street and to the neighbors. We ended up talking to a few people. It was an interesting discovery to find out that the hen family was one of the neighbor's. I am hesitating to believe this. Let's just say that if that's the case this is a neglect, irresponsible to let babies wonder around like this. They had other hen mothers with babies and one of them with 14 little ones really broke my heart. They did not have food or water or proper (safe) fencing, they had been living among lots of garbage and chained dogs... So I couldn't just leave them there. I offered them money (what many "sanctuaries" are against) just to get them out of that environment. On our way home I was holding the mother who had 14 babies. I could tell that she never was held, caressed or well taken care of. When we arrived home they attacked the food and water like they'd been starving for a long time.

If we do the math - now we are 25 feathery residents "richer", that brings us with over 100 beaks to feed... It was an amazing day, I always feel good when I can help. I made a promise to myself that I will go back there if I have a day off to help clean that property and maybe find a way to get those dogs off from the chains.

If you have any chicken food or dog food to spare I will give it to that family, they need more help than we do...

Count your blessings, other people live in much harder circumstances (poverty) then you do!